How does a Membership work?

We find exceptional horses, mostly rescue horses.  We then train them and bring them into our membership program, and have them ready for you to enjoy - Maintenance Free


  • We will schedule an initial riding assessment, allowing us to properly place you with a horse! We have several horses to choose from in Denver, this will grow as our membership count grows, and each of these horses have their unique personality and style of teaching us humans. We’ll place you with the one that suits your skill level!

  • Book A time to RIDE That fits your schedule.

  • The booking calendar will indicate availability for each horse, etiquette will also apply so as too allow a fair amount of time for all members, check the terms and conditions to familiarise yourself better.

  • When you book your horse, you have 4 hours with the horse. which includes grooming and tack up time, 2 hours of saddle time in our indoor or outdoor arena, cool down and post ride grooming. Horses are not allowed to be taken off the property.

  • Ride!

  • We will always have full time staff to assist in keeping you and the horse safe, providing general instruction for those that need a little help and confidence, and to ensure that you have a great experience as often as possible

  • Private lessons also available should you or your child need that extra confidence building assistance.

Membership Fees

Initial Membership Fee - $1500

Our membership has a one time signup fee of $1,500, this is a small portion of the costs associated with rescuing, healing, training, and outfitting a horse for all of our members.

Monthly Fee - $350

A recurring monthly fee is required on a 6 month contract that covers the cost boarding, feed, & tack.

Looking for something different? Check out our

private lessons & youth group.

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