Removing self-doubt through horses

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I have been taking riding lessons for a while, and only recently with Hilary as my instructor. Since she has been instructing me I have found that her approach is solid and encouraging. While I’ve taken a bit of a step back in the saddle with Hilary’s approach, I feel that I have advanced much much more in learning to partner and build trust and respect with the horses I am working with – I find this immensely valuable. I have come to absolutely love the ground work with Hilary guiding me. I feel that it gives me an opportunity to connect with the horse, and it is wonderful to know that Hilary is partnering with not only the horse, but with me as well. I’m truly excited about the weeks and months ahead and all the many skills that I will learn from her. I can’t wait for my next lesson!

~ Nancy ~ Colorado, USA

What and experience! Thank you so much for this opportunity to explore something new, and overcome my fears. I learned so much through this experience, about horses and myself. What a wonderful gain of confidence! Thanks so much!

~ Leile ~ Eumundi, Australia

What an excellent program you run! ONE OF A KIND! Your energy and persistence with the kids lasts far longer than the 4 hours a week. Keep up the inspiring work! Good luck.

~ Sam ~ Sunshine Coast, Australia

My anxiety had gotten in the way of me being able to attend school on a regular basis. However, I found that the more time that I spent with horses, the more I was able to transfer that positive experience into other places in my life, such as school and family. I’m proud to say that I now attend school on a daily basis. Being with the horses, seeing their happiness has made me feel happy. I’ve felt more confident and now know that I am able to accomplish anything I want to, I just have to remember not to give up and to not let my anxiety stop me. This was definitely an important therapeutic experience for myself. I’ve gained a lot from it and am very grateful for having the chance to participate in your riding program. I know other kids like me will gain the same experience that I did.

~ Stephanie ~ New Zealand

I love your program! I will never forget this experience. Your teachings and the amazing horses has changed my life. Thank you so much!

~ Monica ~ Oregon, USA

Riding with you was so much fun. I learned so much confidence! When I began taking lessons I was super afraid and didn't trust. After my first lesson my perspective and fear about horses changed. Thank you so much for showing me a way that fits for me. Thank you!!!

~ Dan ~ Central America